Saturday, March 04, 2006

Beneath the radar

For some reason, the article by Celia Farber in this months Harper's on the failure of neperavine (sp) trials and questioning the whole HIV-AIDS connection doesn't seem to have caused quite the shitstorm I thought it would, aside from this rather virtuperative discussion in the Nation blog. (Note, I somehow managed to get a pdf of the article, but can't seem to find the link anymore. If I can, I'll repost. Or just go buy the magzine, tightass.) Other than that, no mentions in the big blogs, Kos, Atrios, Daoureport, HuffingtonPost, Slate, Salon.

Maybe it's overshadowed by the other crap going on. Perhaps it has become a third rail issue that no one wants to touch except the passionate on each side. I think it's good Harper's published this piece and not just because I am highly dubious about the HIV-AIDS connection (disclaimer: I had a big crush on Celia Farber when she used to play drums for a band called the Headless Horsemen) . The point of the piece has unfortunately been lost in conflict, namely how the drug companies fudged trials and have foisted extremely dangerous drugs on people. Duh, is anyone really surprised by this? What's really unfortunate is that dips like Dean Esmay are also dissdents, which makes it easy for the glip to dismiss (among whom, I'm sad to say, is the Poorman, otherwise a bastion of clarity).

But props to Dean: he did link to this post by a mathematical modeler who worked for years modeling the transmission of AIDS by HIV and quit because it didn't make any sense.

Commenters (if there are any): please refrain from ad hominem attacks. It's hard, I know, but do. And BTW, (sp) means I'm sure I misspelled neperavine, but am too busy pounding this out to look up the right one. Will fix later.

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