Friday, November 10, 2006

OK, my election post-mortem (not that you were asking for)

As they say, hope for the worst and you are never disappointed. I was fully prepared for another drubbing of the Dems by the GOP, more rumors of stolen elections, more gloating by the Vultures in Charge (actually, that's an insult to vultures, who do perform a needed function). Instead, this does seem to be one of the rare events in life where things do actually work out the way they are supposed to (the 1986 World Series being another, unless you're a Red Sox fan). Once again, I contributed far beyond my means and hit the pavement trying to get votes. This time it was for Jerry McNerny, who miraculously ousted Dick Pombo, one of the worst sleazebags in the House (and it's not just me who's saying that).

But seriously, I had the feeling things were different this time. Usually precinct walking is an effort in banging your head against the wall. People don't want to talk to you, or commit to anything. This time the support for McNerny (or more likely, the digust with Pombo, which is just as good) was palpable, people were open, friendly and supportive. Will this last? Probably not. If this was indeed an expression of disappointment in the GOP, the bloom will be off the rose when partisan squabbling rears its head again (as it will) and nothing much gets accomplished.

And let's face it, we are Americans, and it is still much more chic and cool to be cynical about politics than optimistic. Some hard core right wing bloggers I have read seem to have been turned cynical by the underperformance of their guys and are vowing to give up on politics and hope that the government sinks itself.

Take from me guys, that doesn't help. Two years ago, after Kerry's loss, I vowed to leave the US since it was becoming an unlivable country in my estimation. And I did, I went to Austria
for a year and half, returning just in late September in time to get caught up in all the fervor (OK, I never really stopped following US politics). In two years the mo' has changed 180 degrees, but as the Detroit Tigers found out, momentum is what you have until you don't have it anymore (I didn't make that one up, sadly). So things can change dramatically by the next election cycle but they won't if you hide your heads in the sand.

"Brian, are you actually encouraging right wingers to get out and get involved again? I can't believe it! Ukkkk!"

Sure, we've seen what happens over the past few years when one ideology rules and there is no counterpoint. And I am not so starry eyed as to believe the Dems are not capable of the same Neanderthal behaviors (sorry again: an insult to the Neanderthals who were in all likelihood good moral, bipartisan proto-people who could jam a mammoth bone up my ass). The only way the system can be kept honest is through checks and balances.

So yes, I am enjoying winning (as Nuke Lalosh said "It's like, better than losing!") but I realize any more such victorious could be Pyrrhic at best

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