Thursday, March 15, 2007

What lazy blogger!

OK, so it's been about, um... OK, too long since I've posted here. It's not because nothing has been going, there has been plenty going on, unfortunately it has all been in my somewhat messed up private life (What? You have a private life?? you cry) and I have tried not to make this blog a dumping ground for my whines and sniffles. Of course, since what preoccupies me most is my whines and sniffles that means no posting. But I will get back to it. Anyway, some news:

- Since November I have lost about 12 pounds and am now back down to my Indiana days fighting weight, about 168. How did I do it? Giving up beer was (sadly) a big part of it.

- I will hopefully get my VA grant (finally) funded soon, so I can actually start doing some research

- I am, as you would guess, gleeful at the implosion of the Bush administration, but of course it portends dangerous times ahead, as does
- the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market (who is lending to these losers, anyway)?*
- the decision of China to diversify the RMB out of US treasury bonds

- I went to China in February, which constitutes part of why my personal life is a mess, but enough about me. (NOTE: I did bring home some RMB, so I'm protected!)

- Due to messes in personal life, I am starting to write music again. Funny how that works.

OK, so stay tuned, both of you people who bother to look at this.

*I know, I know, other losers. Historical note: my first job out of college was working as a journalist for a housing magazine, where I became acquainted with some of the exotic lending instruments of the time, which had such colorful names as ZIP (zero interest payment), VIETNAM (variable interest, eternal terms, negatively amortizing mortgage) and of course the famous "neutron" mortgage, which destroyed both the buyer and seller but left the property intact. That's an 80s joke for you youngsters. Anyway, it doesn't seem lenders have gotten any smarter.

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